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           SD NEGERI PURWARAJA 4 "C-E-R-I-A"
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1 km             = 1.000 m

1 hm             = 100 m

1 dam          = 10 m

1 m               = 10 dm

1 km             = 10 hm

1 hm             = 10 dam

1 km             = 100.000 cm

1 cm             = 100 m

1 cm             = 10 mm


1 Pal (Jawa)               = 1506,943 m

1 mil (Laut)                = 1851,51 m

1 elo (Lama)              = 0,667 m

1 foot (12 dim)           = 185,85 m

1 knop (mil darat)       = 1666 m

1 yard                        = 0,914 m

1 inchi                        = 2,54 cm


2.       UKURAN LUAS

1 ha                = 10.000 m2

2 cm2             = 100 mm2

1 m2               = 10.000 cm2



1 kg                = 100 gr

1 hg                = 100 gr

1 dag             = 10 gr

1 gr                 = 1000 mg

1 dg                = 100 mg


1 ton              = 10 kwintal

1 kwintal      = 100 kg

1 ons             = 100 gr

1 pound       = 0,554 kg

1 gallon         = 4,5461 kg

1 barrel         = 199,91 kg


4.       UKURAN ISI

1 m3               = 1000 liter

1 hl                 = 100 liter

1 dal               = 10 liter

1 liter             = 1 dm3

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